Cat-Powered Compressors for New Waha Station

Map Courtesy Of Trans-Pecos

Trans-Pecos Pipeline has received authorization to site, construct, and operate a border crossing on the international boundary between the United States and Mexico near the City of Presidio in Presidio County, Texas, USA.

The proposed Presidio Border Crossing Project will involve construction of approximately 1093 feet (333 m) of 42-inch (1066-mm) diameter pipeline, installed beneath the Rio Grande River. The project will interconnect with Trans-Pecos’s new 148 miles (238 km) of 42-inch (1066-mm) diameter intrastate natural gas pipeline facilities extending from a hub in Pecos County, Texas, and terminating at the Presidio Border Crossing Project facilities. The border facilities will provide 1.3 Bcf/d (36 x 106 m3/d) of export/import capacity between the US and Mexico.

At the header location, an affiliate of Trans-Pecos will install a 70,000 hp (52,220 kW) compressor station and 1.5 miles (2.4 km) of header pipeline with eight interconnects to existing intrastate and interstate pipeline systems. A new meter station will also be constructed.

The location of the planned Waha Compressor Station is at the Waha Hub near Coyanosa, Texas, USA, near Fort Stockton. Initial plans do not include compression beyond the point of origination at the Waha Hub. The Waha Compressor Station will be located on 50 acres (20 ha) at the takeoff for the intrastate pipeline and will consist of 14 Caterpillar 3616 KBU 5000 hp (3730 kW) dual-drive electric/natural gas-driven compressors. For the first year of operation, the Waha Compressor Station will utilize 10 of the 14 compressors, with a future expansion utilizing all 14 compressors in the 2022/2023 timeframe to meet customer delivery demands.