Changing The Way Turbine Trip Systems Are Tested

    Overspeed trip systems provide a vital safety function for steam turbines. Proper maintenance and testing are necessary to ensure safe and reliable equipment operation. However, many mechanical trip systems are not tested as frequently as recommended, if at all. The testing process can be inconvenient and requires the turbine to be tripped, taking it offline.

    Elliott has introduced a pneumatic trip system with partial stroke capability that is changing the way turbine trip systems are tested. Available for new equipment or retrofit, this new partial stroke trip system provides a way to exercise the trip valve regularly, without interfering with the turbine’s operation or its ability to trip. Within seconds, the system completes a partial stroke of the trip valve, enabling operators to determine if the system is working properly or requires attention.

    Read the entire article in the August issue of Gas Compression Magazine, or online now by following this link: Changing The Way Turbine Trip Systems Are Tested_August GCM 2016