Tennessee Gas Seeks Lone Star Project Approval

Map Courtesy Of Kinder Morgan Inc.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Inc., has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to construct and operate the Lone Star Project.

The Lone Star Project includes the construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of two new compressor stations in Texas, USA.

Compressor Station 3A will be constructed in San Patricio county and will include one new 10,915 hp (8142 kW) Solar Taurus 70 turbine/compressor unit. Compressor Station 11A will be constructed in Jackson county and will include the installation of one new 20,500 hp (15,293 kW) Solar Titan 130 turbine/compressor unit.

The proposed facilities will be located on Tennessee’s 100 Line, between Tennessee’s existing Compressor Station 1 and Compressor Station 17, in San Patricio and Jackson counties. The project will enable Tennessee to provide firm transportation service of up to 300,000 dekatherms per day to Corpus Christi Liquefaction LLC, the sole project shipper, from a primary receipt point at an existing interconnection with Gulf South Pipeline Company LP on Tennessee’s 500 Line in Jasper County, Mississippi, to a primary delivery point at a new interconnection with Cheniere Corpus Christi Pipeline LP to be located on Tennessee’s 100 Line in San Patricio county.

Construction on the proposed US$131.9 million project is expected to begin in January 2018, with an anticipated in-service date of January 2019.