Cat-Powered Compression For New Pomelo Station

Pomelo Compressor Station flow diagram. Courtesy of Pomelo Connector LLC.

Pomelo Connector LLC (Pomelo) has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to build, own, operate, and maintain a 13.5-mile (22-km), 30-in. (762-mm)-diameter natural gas pipeline, a new 9000-hp (6714-kW) compressor station, new 0.21-mile (0.33-km) 30-in.-diameter discharge pipeline, and associated above-ground facilities and pressure regulation.

When completed, the Pomelo Connector Pipeline will provide 400,000 dekatherms per day of firm transportation capacity between Texas Eastern Transmission LP and an intrastate header system (the Nueces Header) to be constructed by Valley Crossing Pipeline LLC.

Pomelo is proposing to construct and operate the Pomelo Compressor Station near Robstown, Texas, USA. The station will consist of the two Caterpillar G3608 natural gas fired compressor engines with Ariel JCG-4 compressors; an emergency engine for back-up power; storage tanks for condensate, engine lube oil, and engine coolant; truck loading operations for condensate; process fugitives; process venting/blowdown; and maintenance, startup and shutdown activities.

Natural gas will be transported from the transmission line to the Pomelo Compressor Station. The incoming natural gas stream will be routed through a separator where any entrained liquids will be collected and sent to the pipeline condensate tank. The condensate will be loaded into a tank truck for removal from the site. After separation, the gas will be routed to one of two gas compressors.

The anticipated in-service date for the Pomelo Connector Pipeline is no later than October 1, 2018.