Kobe Steel Opens 40-MW Compressor Test Facility

    Kobe Steel Ltd.’s Machinery Business has opened a 40-MW test facility for large-capacity nonstandard, compressors at its Takasago Works in western Japan.

    Kobe Steel had completed product development of large-capacity compressors in the 40-MW class, but lacked a test facility to conduct performance tests at the final stage. To meet this need, Kobe Steel constructed the new test facility with twice the capacity of its current 20-MW test facility. The new test facility is capable of handling nonstandard compressors with variable-speed motors of 40 MW.

    According to the company, the new facility enables Kobe Steel to enter the large-capacity compressor market. In addition, customers have been seeking to source large-capacity compressors from the Japanese and Asian markets, the company said.