New Cat-Powered Compression for Bridgeville Compressor Station

Map courtesy of Eastern Shore Natural Gas Co.

Eastern Shore Natural Gas Co. (Eastern Shore) has received US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval to place into service the Bridgeville Compressor Station in Sussex County, Delaware, USA, as part of its System Reliability Project.

Eastern Shore filed an application with FERC on May 22, 2015, to construct, own, operate, and maintain the facilities making up its System Reliability Project. The project involves installing a 1775-hp (1324-kW) gas-fired compressor unit at Eastern Shore’s existing Bridgeville Compressor Station in Bridgeville, Delaware, USA; constructing approximately 8 mi., (13 km) of 16-in. (406-mm) pipeline looping in Dover and Wyoming, Delaware; and constructing 2.5 mi. (4 km) of 16-in. (406-mm) pipeline looping in Bear and Glasgow, Delaware.

The Bridgeville Compressor Station was constructed in 1988 and currently consists of two Caterpillar 399, 16 cylinder, naturally aspirated engines with two single stage, two throw Dresser-Rand compressors. The maximum performance of each unit is 600 hp (447 kW), for a total of 1200 hp (895 kW) at the station.

Additions to the Bridgeville Compressor Station consist of a single new Caterpillar 3606, 1775 hp natural gas-fired 4-stroke lean burn reciprocating internal combustion engine with air pollution control equipment, coupled with an Ariel reciprocating gas compressor frame and pipeline cylinders.

The engine will be equipped with Caterpillar’s Advanced Digital Engine Management III, or a similar advanced electronic control system, that will integrate engine sensing and monitoring, air/fuel ratio control, ignition timing, and detonation control into one engine control system. The unit will also be equipped with an exhaust silencer and an oxidation catalyst to reduce air emissions. Once the new compressor unit is in place, the existing two 600 hp units will remain as backup compression.

Eastern Shore installed two Caterpillar 3606s (for a total of four at the site) as part of its Daleville Compressor Station Upgrade Project, in 2013. In 2014, Eastern Shore proposed to install two additional Caterpillar 3606s at its Delaware City Compressor Station as part of its White Oak Mainline Expansion Project. Adding another Caterpillar 3606 to its system at the Bridgeville Compressor Station, Eastern Shore will realize improved reliability and the benefits of economies of scale during continuing operations and maintenance with a common inventory of spare parts and tooling, the company said.

Eastern Shore prosed the US$32 million System Reliability Project in order to enhance its system’s ability to perform reliably under peak day conditions and mitigate the risks and effects of abnormal operating conditions. According to Eastern Shore, the project will improve the flexibility and reliability of its pipeline system by fine-tuning peak day pressure assumptions at the Parkesburg interconnect to match actual conditions experienced during winter operations, and by reinforcing the system at the identified critical point.