ACI Services Expands Manufacturing Capacity

    ACI Services Inc. specializes in custom compressor cylinders, performance control devices, and performance-enhanced compressor components such as pistons, rods, liners, and valves. Headquartered in Cambridge, Ohio, USA, the company recently completed the installation of newly acquired machinery and equipment to increase its manufacturing capacity and better position itself for continued growth.

    “ACI has been investing considerably to increase our capacity even during a down year for the oil and gas industry, further establishing our footprint to support reciprocating compressor end users,” said ACI president Chad Brahler. “This investment gives us 100% control of the manufacturing process. Prior to this equipment acquisition, we were at the mercy of outside shops for some of our manufacturing. While these vendors met our quality standards, we did not have full control over the production schedule. Bringing this machinery in-house changes that. We now have 100% control of the manufacturing process for the components we design.”


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