Sabal Trail Pipeline Begins Service

Courtesy of Sabal Trail Transmission LLC

The Sabal Trail pipeline has begun operation. Sabal Trail is a 515-mile (828-km) interstate natural gas pipeline transporting natural gas from an interconnection with the Transco pipeline in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, USA, to the Central Florida Hub in Osceola County, Florida, USA. Sabal Trail is one part of the Southeast Market Pipelines, three pipeline projects designed to increase natural gas transport capacity to Florida.

Much of the additional natural gas expected to flow into Florida will be transported to its power plants.

Sabal Trail Phase I is designed to have a total capacity of 810 MMcf/d and began partial service on June 14, with only two of three Phase I compressor stations operating. The next two phases will increase Sabal Trail’s total capacity to 1050 MMcf/d. Phase II, when completed in 2020, will add 170 MMcf/d of capacity with the addition of two new compressor stations, and Phase III, scheduled for 2021, will add 70 MMcf/d of capacity through expansions to existing compressor stations.