Susquehanna West Project To Enter Service

Map courtesy of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (Tennessee Gas) has received approval from the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to place into service its Susquehanna West Project.

On April 2, 2015, Tennessee Gas filed an application with FERC to construct, install, modify, operate, and maintain certain pipeline and compression facilities located in Pennsylvania, USA, that would increase east-to-west natural gas delivery capacity in the region by approximately 145,000 dekatherms per day.

The Susquehanna West Project was comprised of three components: construction of 8 miles (12.87 km) of new 36-in. (914-mm)-diameter pipeline looping with piping modifications associated with the pipeline loops; modification to piping at three different existing compressor stations; and increase in horsepower at two of those three existing compressor stations.

In its initial FERC application, Tennessee Gas prosed the following:

  • Constructing 8 miles of new 36-in. diameter pipeline looping along and adjacent to Tennessee’s existing right-of-way for its Line 300 in Tioga and Bradford counties, Pennsylvania.
  • Making certain piping and equipment modifications at its existing Compressor Station 315 (CS 315), Compressor Station 317 (CS 317), and Compressor Station 319 (CS 319), located in Charleston Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, and Troy Township and Wyalusing Township, both located in Bradford County Pennsylvania, respectively.
  • Relocating an existing 16,000 hp (11,936 kW) Solar Mars 100 compressor unit from CS 319 to CS 317, resulting in an increase of 16,000 hp at CS 317.
  • Replacing the Solar Mars 100 compressor unit at CS 319 with a new 20,500 hp (15,293 kW) Solar Titan 130 compressor unit, resulting in a net increase of 4500 hp (3357 kW) at CS 319.