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Dover Energy Automation (DEA), an operating company within Dover Corp., has launched Windrock Enterprise, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that enables on-demand, real-time remote visibility of an entire fleet of assets from any computer or mobile device.

Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, USA, DEA is a provider of products, intelligent productivity tools, and related automation software for the energy sector. DEA includes various operating companies such as Windrock, PCS Ferguson, Norriseal Wellmark, and more, providing comprehensive product and automation solutions to global customers. This is the first offering from DEA that combines expertise from its various operating companies into a single, cloud-based solution.

According to Rohit Robinson, Vice President Product Management & Strategic Marketing at DEA, this is a dramatic improvement compared to the previously limited views of data that would be collected from singular pieces of equipment whose connection methods isolated them from the remainder of the fleet.

“The benefits are immense. Typically, human expertise is involved in going site to site and visiting these assets and capturing their information, coming back, doing analysis, and then doing the report,” said Robinson. “As you can imagine, the moment a human being steps out into the field we are exposing them to safety risks. By automating this whole process and moving this information to a central cloud depository, Windrock Enterprise’s reduces the amount of time these operators need to spend on the field. Additionally, by aggregating multiple assets together, Windrock Enterprise is able to provide a more holistic KPI view for decision making. So now you’re not just deciding on how one particular asset is performing, but if you have 1500 units across a pipeline you might be able to look at it quickly and say, ‘which out of the 1500 need attention right now?’”

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