22 Compressor Trains To China

    Elliott 46 M6 Compressor

    Elliott Group has been awarded a contract to supply compression equipment for Hengli Petrochemical Refinery’s integrated refining and petrochemical complex now under construction in Dalian, China. The new refinery, the largest such project approved to date in China, is part of the Chinese government’s 13th Five-Year Plan of social and economic development initiatives.

    The order encompasses 22 compression trains and 28 casings for 14 different services including pressure swing adsorption, continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR), naptha hydrotreating, aromatics, propane/isobutane dehydrogenation, coal to H2, and sulfuric acid alkylation.

    “Elliott’s ability to demonstrate technical expertise across various applications, including refrigeration, was key to meeting the customer’s needs for this important project,” said John Rann, Vice President of Engineered Products. “This order reinforces Elliott’s strong credentials in refining and petrochemical compression.”

    When it comes on line in 2019, the complex will provide high-purity paraxylene as feedstock for Hengli’s existing purified terephthalic acid plants. In addition to paraxylene, the new complex will also produce gasoline and diesel fuels that meet China 5 clean fuel specifications, as well as jet fuel, base lubrication oils, aromatics, and liquefied petroleum gas.

    The units will be built at Elliott’s manufacturing facilities in Sodegaura, Chiba, Japan, and Jeannette, Pennsylvania, USA. “In terms of manufacturing, we split the between Japan and Pennsylvania on the basis of lead time requirement,” said Rann. “We also took into consideration where other component parts are coming from. For instance, the motor drive units are all coming out of Japan. The turbine units are coming out of Pennsylvania.”

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