Turbine-Powered Compression For Lambertville East Expansion Project

Map courtesy of Texas Eastern Transmission LP

Texas Eastern Transmission LP (Texas Eastern) has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to construct, install, own, operate, and maintain the Lambertville East Expansion Project. The project’s purpose is to expand the compression facilities at the Lambertville Compressor Station located in West Amwell Township, New Jersey, USA, to provide incremental pipeline transportation service to existing city-gates in New Jersey on behalf of two local utility customers, PSEG Power LLC and Elizabethtown Gas, as well as to comply with new air emissions regulations under the New Jersey Reasonably Achievable Control Technology program.

The project will create additional firm pipeline capacity necessary to deliver up to 60,000 dekatherms per day of natural gas on a long-term basis from receipt points in Lambertville, New Jersey, and Marietta, Pennsylvania, USA, to existing delivery points in or near Union, Somerset, and Middlesex Counties in New Jersey. This new firm transportation capacity will enable PSEG and Elizabethtown Gas to serve their growing residential and commercial demand in their respective service territories.

Texas Eastern will install two new 8600 hp (6415 kW) Solar Taurus 70 natural gas-fired turbine compressor units to replace two existing Clark DC-990 natural gas-fired turbine compressor units at the station. The replacement of the two existing units will require removal of a building, coolers, and auxiliary equipment associated with the compressor units to be removed and installation of replacement buildings, coolers, and auxiliary equipment for the compressor units to be installed.

In addition, Texas Eastern will perform system maintenance activities for certain facilities at Texas Eastern’s existing Lambertville Compressor Station including the removal of four retired reciprocating compressor units and associated building, coolers and auxiliary equipment, and the removal of a warehouse and one other building. Texas Eastern will also perform yard piping modifications as part of this project.

According to Texas Eastern, the replacement of the existing Clark DC-990 natural gas-fired turbine compressor units with Solar Taurus 70 natural gas-fired turbine compressor units will result in a more than 90% decrease in potential nitrous oxide emissions from the turbines at the facility.