Reagan Delivers First Cat Electric Motor Compressor Packages

Reagan Power & Compression (Reagan) has delivered four Caterpillar electric motor-driven compressor packages to a midstream company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, for a gas plant application in Loving, New Mexico, USA. The order marks the first for Caterpillar since it added electric motors to its product portfolio.

The units were packaged at Reagan’s Broussard, Louisiana, USA, shop. Best known for its custom packaging in carbon dioxide (CO2) compression, Reagan is a Tier 1 distributor and packager for Ariel Corp. (See “A New Reagan,” May 2017 Gas Compression Magazine, p. 34). The company designs and manufactures gas compression packages from 50 to 8000 hp (37 to 5968 kW) for the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets.

Each package features a 2250 hp (1677 kW) CN2586 electric motor and a 4-throw Ariel JGD compressor.

“This is a midstream application that called for 1200 rpm at 2250 hp per package,” said Jason Sowels, director of business development at Reagan. “The speed and horsepower are variable for added flexibility in changing conditions. These packages are for inlet and residue compression. Two of the motors go to the inlet, the other two go to residue for this gas plant. Through the process of evaluating electric motors offered throughout the industry, the Caterpillar option provided significantly more value for the application. We were presented with a few electric motor options. It eventually came down to Caterpillar and one other manufacturer. The Cat motor had more in its standard spec than the other manufacturer – improved speed range, better shaft material, better cooling for VFD turndown. When all the chips were put on the table, the Cat motor was the best fit for this application.


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