Dover Reorg Targets Rotating And Reciprocating Machinery

Dover Corp. has formed Dover Precision Components, a provider of performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery. Brands included in the renamed operating company are Cook Compression, which delivers custom-engineered valves, sealing technologies, pistons and rods, as well as repair and reconditioning services and advanced technical support, for reciprocating compressors; Inpro/Seal, which designs and manufactures bearing protection and shaft seals to increase the reliability of rotating equipment; Waukesha Bearings, which is a global leader in engineered hydrodynamic fluid film bearings and brush seals for high-performing turbomachinery and, under the Waukesha Magnetic Bearings brand, produces active magnetic bearing systems; and Bearings Plus, which specializes in the repair, replacement, and upgrade of fluid film bearings and seals.

These brands were originally brought together in November 2015 to broaden product offerings, expand global resources, and apply operational efficiencies to better serve customers in the energy and industrial markets. Since then, synergies between the brands have extended engineering and materials expertise, opened new avenues for innovation, promoted best practices in manufacturing, and advanced quality and continuous improvement efforts.

“The introduction of the Dover Precision Components name supports our strategic partnerships with original equipment manufacturers and end users and will improve the visibility of our broad capabilities to improve performance of rotating and reciprocating assets,” said Dover Precision Components President Marcell Ulrichs. “The name will also provide a common identity for our customers and employees across the globe.”

Headquartered in Houston, USA, Dover Precision Components maintains facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It has more than 1400 employees worldwide.

“We take great pride in the legacies of our brands,” said Ulrichs. “We aim to further strengthen those brands under the umbrella of Dover Precision Components.”