Electric-Drive Compression For Petal III Compressor Station

Map courtesy of Gulf South Pipeline Co.

Gulf South Pipeline Company LP (Gulf South) has filed application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) seeking approval to construct, operate, and maintain two new electric-driven 5000-hp (3730-kW) compressor units within the existing Petal III Compressor Station (Petal III Station). Known as the Petal III Compressor Project, Gulf South will also construct a new glycol dehydration unit and regenerator, and other auxiliary, appurtenant facilities all located within the existing Petal Gas Storage Facility in Forrest County, Mississippi, USA. The project also requires the installation of a new thermal oxidizer for both the new and existing Petal III glycol dehydration unit all located within the Petal Gas Storage Facility.

Each compressor unit will be comprised of an Ariel KBZ-6 compressor frame with three 9-1/4ZK-class (8.75-in. [222.2-mm] bore) cylinders and three 6-1/4Z-VS-class (5.875-in. bore) cylinders. The units will operate single stage compressors at lower cavern pressures (up to approximately 1870 psig [128.9 bar]) and then two stage compressors up to the maximum cavern pressures.

Gulf South is proposing to add these facilities to enhance operational flexibility, continue to provide reliable natural gas storage service, and potentially increase the number of injection and withdrawal cycles to satisfy the needs of new customers desiring service from the Petal Complex facilities.

The Petal Complex includes four compressor stations providing 59,640 hp (44,491 kW) of compression — Petal 1 provides 10,400 hp (7758 kW); Petal II provides 25,000 hp (18,650 kW), Petal III provides 15,000 hp (11,190 kW); and Hattiesburg provides 9240 hp (6893 kW).

Gulf South’s proposed in-service date for the Project facilities is June 2020.