Aker Solutions Lands Subsea Compression FEED Contract

Image Courtesy Of Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions has been awarded a master contract to support the delivery of a subsea compression system for the Chevron Australia-operated Jansz-Io field offshore Australia. The Jansz-Io Compression Project will use subsea compression to enhance recovery of the Jansz-Io field to maintain long-term natural gas supply to the 17.1 ton (15.6 million tonne) per year LNG and domestic gas plants on Barrow Island.

The Jansz-Io field is located around 125 miles (200 km) offshore the north-west coast of Western Australia at approximately 4429 ft. (1350 m) below the surface. The Jansz-Io field is a part of the Chevron Australia-operated Gorgon Project, one of the world’s largest natural gas developments.

The objective of the Jansz-Io Compression Project is to unlock low pressure reserves from the Jansz-Io reservoir and maintain plateau production rates to the Gorgon Project facilities on Barrow Island. The development will comprise of two subsea compression stations connected via a new manifold structure to the Jansz-Io Midline Pipeline Termination Structure.

The first service order under the master contract will be for front-end engineering and design (FEED) of a subsea compression station that will boost the recovery of gas from the field. The FEED scope will also cover an unstaffed power and control floater, as well as overall field system engineering services. The field control station will distribute onshore power to the subsea compression station.

“Aker Solutions has worked closely with its partners MAN Energy Solutions and ABB to reduce the size and cost of the compression system,” said Luis Araujo, CEO at Aker Solutions. “We are excited to work with Chevron Australia on our compressor-technology to boost recovery at the Jansz-Io field.”

In 2015, Aker Solutions delivered the world’s first subsea compression system for Equinor’s Åsgard field offshore Norway. In December 2018, those compression trains surpassed 50,000 operation hours with an availability of close to 100%.

“The two HOFIM compressor systems in service at Åsgard Subsea have been operated at full load since start-up in 2015 and have delivered reliability and availability above 99% since the beginning,” said Lars Klevjer, vice president of operations Åsgard and Stig Folgerø, leading advisor rotating equipment at Equinor. “The overall performance has exceeded all expectations and ensured reliable gas deliveries from Åsgard to Europe.”

“Australia will be the first place outside of Norway to use the subsea compression technology,” said Araujo. “Aker Solutions has been present in Western Australia for more than 20 years and we look forward to working collaboratively with the local industry on this development.”


Map Courtesy Of Chevron