ARES AMB Goes To Work

L.A. Turbine (LAT) has shipped its first ARES active magnetic bearing (AMB) turboexpander-compressor to a new processing plant located in the Bakken Shale Play of North Dakota, USA. The ARES AMB turboexpander-compressor is designed for a plant flow rate of 200 MMSCFD (8.5 x 106 m3 /d) and will be used for natural gas liquid (NGL) processing. Installation and commissioning are scheduled for third-quarter 2019.

ARES AMB is a standardized turboexpander-compressor designed for 60-, 120-, 200-, and 300-MMSCFD (1.7 x 106 ; 3.4 x 106 ; 5.7 x 106 ; and 8.5 x 106 m3 /d) gas plants (See “15 Years Strong,” August 2018 Gas Compression Magazine, p. 26). The ARES AMB turboexpander-compressor features a skid-mounted AMB control system, made possible by a partnership between LAT and Waukesha Magnetic Bearings. According to Danny Mascari, president of LAT, the advantages of this all-in-one turboexpander solution are cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, remote monitoring and tuning, and decreased maintenance. “With the ARES AMB design, the control system is installed directly on the turboexpander skid, thus eliminating the need, and associated capital expenses, for installation in a control room. Operators also benefit from the ability to perform remote commissioning, monitoring, and tuning of machine performance due to the digital signal processors and control algorithms of the Zephyr 5-axis controller.”

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