Electric-Drive Compressor Trains For US Delaware Basin

Siemens will provide three residue compression trains for two, 250-MMscfd (7.07 x 106 m3/d) cryogenic gas plants in the US Delaware Basin. Each train consists of a 22,000-hp (16,412-kW) electric motor, gearbox, and a multi-stage Dresser-Rand DATUM centrifugal compressor, all mounted onto a single skid. The Delaware Basin extends over 10,000 square miles (26,0000 km2) in western Texas and southeast New Mexico, USA, and is part of the larger Permian Basin, which spans 86,000 square miles (220,000 km2) in Texas and New Mexico. According to Siemens, mid-sized gas treatment plants traditionally use reciprocating compressors driven by electric motors or gas engines. However, with the increase in production from shale plays, larger gas plants — in the range of 200 to 300 MMscfd (5.6 x 106 to 8.4 x 106 m3/d) — are being constructed, forcing gas processing companies to consider alternative compression solutions in order to reduce costs, footprint, and maintenance. Siemens used its DATUM line of centrifugal compressors to provide the maximum performance to the customer in all pressure and flow applications. According to Siemens, the DATUM compressor’s ability to provide high polytropic head in single casing compressors, combined with its high efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance, make them suitable

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