Turbine-Powered Compression For Coal-Fired Power Plant Conversion

Gulfstream Natural Gas System LLC (Gulfstream) has filed an application with US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission seeking authorization for its Phase VI Expansion Project. The project is designed to transport 78,000 dekatherms per day of natural gas from points in Mississippi and Alabama, USA, across the US Gulf of Mexico to Tampa Electric’s Big Bend Power Station, which is being converted from coal-fired power generation plant to a combined cycle natural gas power plant.

The project includes the addition of a Solar Mars 16,000 hp (11,936 kW) turbine-driven compressor at Gulfstream’s existing Compressor Station 410 in Mobile County, Alabama, and installation of a new mainline valve and trap assembly. Modifications to Compressor Station 410 will also include piping component modifications and natural gas venting activities. In addition, Gulfstream is proposing to install metering equipment at its existing Compressor Station 420 located in Manatee County, Florida, USA, to manage the higher operating pressure across the Gulf of Mexico.