Turbines And Recips For Pennsylvania Compressor Stations

Map courtesy of National Fuel Gas Supply Corp.

National Fuel Gas Supply Corp. (National Fuel) is seeking US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval to construct and operate its FM100 Project. The FM100 Project would modernize a portion of National Fuel’s existing pipeline system and create 330,000 dekatherms per day of additional transportation capacity.

Specifically, National Fuel seeks authorization for the construction of about 29 miles (46 km)  of new 20-in. (508-mm) diameter pipeline (Line YM58) in McKean and Potter Counties, Pennsylvania, USA; construction of about 1.4 miles (2.25 km) of 24-in. (609-mm) diameter pipeline loop (Line YM224 Loop) in Potter County, Pennsylvania; construction of about 0.4 miles (0.6 km) of 12-in. (304-mm) diameter pipeline (Line KL Extension) in McKean County, Pennsylvania; construction of the new Marvindale Compressor Station (Marvindale CS) in McKean County, Pennsylvania; construction of the new Tamarack Compressor Station (Tamarack CS) in Clinton County, Pennsylvania; modification of the existing Leidy M&R Station in Leidy Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania; abandonment in place of about 45 miles (72-km) of 12-in. (304-mm) diameter pipeline (Line FM100) and appurtenances in Clearfield, Elk, Cameron, and Potter Counties, Pennsylvania; abandonment by removal of the existing Costello Compression Station (Costello CS) in Potter County, Pennsylvania; abandonment by removal of the existing Station WHP-MS-4317X in Potter County, Pennsylvania; construction of the Marvindale Interconnect in McKean County, Pennsylvania; construction of the Carpenter Hollow over-pressurization protection station in Potter County, Pennsylvania; and construction of associated facilities, such as mainline valves and other appurtenant facilities. The estimated cost of the project is US$279 million.

Marvindale Compressor Station

Marvindale CS will consist of two reciprocating compressor units (one Caterpillar G3608A4 Engine/Ariel JGC/4 compressor package and one Caterpillar G3516 Engine/Ariel JGT/4 compressor package) rated 2675 hp (1995 kW) and 1380 hp (1029 kW), respectively, for a total of 4055 hp (3025kW) of compression. This new compression is required to provide currently contracted transportation services. The proposed compression at Marvindale CS will provide similar functionality to the compression at the Costello CS, which National Fuel proposes to abandon. The required Marvindale CS modernization horsepower is greater than the amount of horsepower at the Costello CS because of the differing hydraulics in connecting National Fuel’s western and eastern systems through Line YM58.

Tamarack Compressor Station

National Fuel seeks authorization to construct and operate the new Tamarack CS on the existing Line YM53 near the Leidy Interconnect LDC 2245 at the Leidy M&R Station in Clinton County, Pennsylvania. The proposed compressor station would consist of two gas turbine compressor units (Solar Taurus 70 Turbine/Compressor packages) totaling 22,220 hp (16,576 kW) of compression.