More Horsepower For Grand Chenier XPress

ANR Pipeline Company (ANR) is seeking FERC authorization to construct, own, and operate facilities related to its Grand Chenier XPress Project located in Acadia, Jefferson Davis, and Cameron Parishes, Louisiana, USA. This includes modification to the existing Eunice Compressor Station (Eunice CS), the construction of the new greenfield Mermentau Compressor Station (Mermentau CS), restaging the Grand Chenier Compressor Station (Grand Chenier CS), and modification to the Mermentau River GCX Meter Station. The purpose of the Grand Chenier XPress Project will be to tie into ANR’s existing West Leg of the Southeast Area, provide open access firm transportation service on 400,000 dekatherms per day of capacity through the expansion of ANR’s existing pipeline system located in Acadia, Jefferson Davis, and Cameron Parishes, Louisiana, and provide feed gas for Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass Terminal.

Modification to the existing Eunice CS in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, includes increasing the total horsepower from 24,000 to 39,370 hp (17,904 to 29,370 kW), installing a 23,470 hp Solar Turbine Titan 130  turbine compressor unit and related appurtenant facilities, including associated piping and cooling bays, uprating a Mars 100, turbine compressor unit from 12,000  to 15,900 hp (8,952 to 11,861 kW), placing an existing Clark TCVC-20M 12,000 hp reciprocating compressor unit on standby, and abandoning in place an existing Clark TCVC-20M reciprocating compressor unit. Following completion, the total rated horsepower at the station will be 51,370 hp (38,322 kW), of which 12,000 hp will be on stand-by. Additional modifications will include the installation of a pulsation bottle, station piping, a blowdown silencer, and motor control center, along with 810 ft. (246.88 m) of new piping.

ANR proposes to construct a greenfield compressor station, designated as the Mermentau CS in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana. The compressor station will include a 23,470 hp (17,508 kW) Solar Titan 130 turbine compressor unit housed in a new compressor building, two filter/separators, a fuel gas heater, fuel gas skids, four gas cooling bays, lube oil cooler, gas-fired generator and air compressor, pipeline liquids and wastewater tanks, and two blowdown silencers. The Mermentau CS will connect with ANR’s existing Line 502 via the installation of new 36-in. (914.4-mm)-diameter suction and discharge lines that will extend approximately 810 ft. northwest within the facility fence line to ANR’s existing mainline.

At the existing Grand Chenier CS, in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, ANR proposes to restage the existing Dresser- Rand compressor unit, install a new filter separator, and put in 42 ft. (12.8 m) of new aboveground piping.