Cat Targets Display Commonality

    Caterpillar Oil & Gas has introduced its next generation of human-machine interface (HMI) panels. NextGen HMI panels are currently available as an integrated component on the company’s CG137-8 compression models, with plans in place to make it available for additional models.

    “The NextGen HMI panel is offered with all CG137-8 products and we will be rolling this out to our CG137-12 units by early 2020,” said Michael Coppinger, Caterpillar Product Definition Manager. “By the end of 2020 we should have a common HMI panel across our product offerings for the CG137, the G3500B and G3500J models, as well as for the G3600. We will release it for our G3500 in 2020 and for the G3600 models by the end of October 2019.”

    By integrating the NextGen HMI panel throughout its gas compression product line, functionality will be identical. According to Coppinger, the commonality will allow for a similar user experience on the products. “Our goal was to enhance the user experience by providing an intuitive interface that would look and function the same across our gas compression product line,” said Coppinger. “Whether you have a mixed fleet of Caterpillar engines, or you are responsible for one site with various G3600 models, with a common NextGen HMI you can walk up to a unit and instantly be familiar with the engine interface display.”

    “We saw a need for a more …”

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