Siemens Compressors For Calcasieu Pass LNG Project

A typical single-shaft, vertically-split Siemens STC-SV turbocompressor used for LNG service.

Siemens will supply three boil-off compressor (BOG) packages for Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass LNG Project. The new liquified natural gas (LNG) export facility, Calcasieu Pass, is currently under construction in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, USA. Once fully commissioned, the facility is expected to produce 10 million tons (9.07 million tonnes) per year of LNG that will be exported to global markets.

Siemens’ scope of supply covers the engineering, manufacturing, and testing of two centrifugal BOG compression packages and one reciprocating BOG compression package. All compressors will be directly driven by electric motors.

The compression trains are expected to ship later this year.

Key features of the Calcasieu Pass project include an LNG production and export facility with nine 1.2-million-ton liquefaction blocks and two 7.06 MMcf (200,000 m3) LNG storage tanks. Additionally, its marine terminal will accommodate carriers up to 6.5 MMcf (185,000 m3) in capacity.

The project is based on mid-scale liquefaction technology which will consist of two electrically driven trains in each block, with nine blocks for the entire facility. The gas will flow through acid gas removal and dehydration systems before it enters the liquefiers.

“Siemens has a long track record of providing cryogenic boil-off gas compressors for the LNG industry worldwide,” said Matthew Russell, executive vice president of LNG for Siemens. “The Calcasieu Pass LNG Project involves an innovative modular, mid-scale configuration that enables Venture Global to produce low-cost LNG with a shorter construction schedule.”