Springtime Tradeshow Update

The rise of Coronavirus is causing gas compression tradeshows to reschedule their springtime events. Below you will find information on the conferences that have announced changes to their scheduled activities.

Corrosion 2020 Conference & Expo – Houston, Texas

Original Dates: March 15 to 19

New Dates: June 14 to 18


Southern Gas Association Spring Gas Conference – Columbia, South Carolina

          Original Dates: March 16 to 18

          New Dates: August 4 to 6


Gas Compressor Association Expo & Conference – Galveston, Texas

          Original Dates: March 24 to 27

          New Dates: Cancelled For 2020


Asia Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

          Original Dates: April 7 to 9

          New Dates: August 4 to 6


Southern Gas Association Management Conference – Louisville, Kentucky

          Original Dates: April 15 to 17

          New Dates: TBD


Offshore Technology Conference – Houston, Texas

Original Dates: May 4 to 7

New Dates: TBD, Q3 2020