Rotating Machinery Services Partners With Notre Dame

Equipped with capabilities for the development of rotating machinery that requires high power levels and related specialized support, NDTL studies and tests components of gas turbine engines and other industrial equipment.

Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) and the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory (NDTL) have entered into an agreement whereby NDTL will provide testing services for equipment refurbished and redesigned by RMS.

“This partnership is a significant step forward in RMS’ vision to be the premier aftermarket services solution for the widest range of turbomachinery customers,” said John Bartos, CEO at RMS. “The ability to offer our clients the option of running their equipment on a test stand after repairs or upgrades can provide a level of security and confidence that is not currently typical in this industry.”

The partnership will enable testing of RMS’ full range of service offerings including: single-stage and multistage centrifugal compressors; axial compressors; FCC and nitric acid expanders; and steam turbines.

“This agreement arose out of necessity,” said Adam Hernandez, Product Manager, Oil Free Screw (OFS) Compressors at RMS. “Given the precise operating tolerances of OFS machines, it is very common to require mechanical testing at the conclusion of a machine overhaul. Our partnership with NDTL enables us to seamlessly provide this important service.”

NDTL is a 25,000 sq.ft. (2322 m2) turbomachinery research and testing facility located in South Bend, Indiana, USA. It studies and tests components for gas turbines used in oil and gas, commercial and military aircraft, and power plants.

The NDTL team provides a full suite of design and procurement services, including 3D modeling and design, analysis, mechanical drawings and fabrication, supply chain management, assembly and installation, component integration, and maintenance. It is available to Notre Dame researchers, other academic institutions, government, and industry. (See Notre Dame’s New Niche, September 2017 Gas Compression Magazine, p. 32.)

“NDTL was established to research, test and develop new technologies for aero-propulsion and land-based power generation gas turbine products,” said Joshua Cameron, Director of NDTL. “It had always been our strategic vision to enter into the oil, gas, and industrial sector as well. Our agreement with RMS has quickly enabled us to realize that vision given the diverse array of machinery that they work on.”

RMS, with principal headquarters and manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, started out engineering, repairing, servicing, and upgrading rotating machinery in 1997. The company has since expanded its business to Houston, Texas, USA, with the acquisition of Mepco Inc., which included, a 64,000-sq.ft. (5945 m2) repair center. RMS also has an engineering and sales office in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.