World’s Largest Hydrogen Project Planned For Brazil

Enegix Energy PTE Ltd. (Enegix) has unveiled plans to develop Base One, the largest hydrogen project in the world. Located Ceará, Brazil, the plant will produce over 600 million kg of green hydrogen per year from already contracted 3.4 GW of combined baseload wind and solar power. Using a power-to-power strategy to replace power grids with renewable, baseload, and zero carbon grids, Enegix plans to create a new model of sustainable energy.

“Our partnership with the Ceará State Government is a major milestone for the company. Base One will turn Ceará into a major hydrogen export location and establish Enegix as a global renewable power producer aligning with our vision and strategy to replace expensive, high emission power grids with renewable, baseload, and cost-effective zero-carbon grids,” said Wesley Cooke, founder and CEO of Enegix. “Through this partnership, we plan to create a new model of sustainable energy for the world’s fast-growing population while reducing dependency and cutting end-user costs on high carbon-emitting fuel sources like diesel.”

The project is expected to take three to four years to build. Enegix signed a memorandum of understanding with and Black & Veatch, a global engineering, procurement, construction, and consulting company, to develop Base One, with Black & Veatch providing the feasibility study for the project. The scope of works includes technical design, supplier and technology selection, planning of execution, project time schedule, risk assessment, logistics strategy, and procurement strategy.