Vapor Recovery Compressor Control

Murphy by Enovation Controls has introduced its VRU Pro, a new controller designed specifically for vapor recovery applications. Certified for Class I, Division 2 hazardous area operations, the VRU Pro pairs with smaller horsepower compressors in vapor recovery operations and can be used with an electric motor or natural gas engine.

“About two years ago we realized that vapor recovery compressors were becoming more common, thanks in part to more stringent emission requirements,” said Roel Rodriguez, Product Manager for Application Solutions at Enovation Controls. “We also recognized that economically, the vapor coming off these tank batteries typically has a high Btu count. A lot of producers have recognized that this is a way to generate more revenue. Looking at our product portfolio, we really didn’t have a controller that fit into that market in terms of input/output, size, and even cost. We set out to develop a controller specific for gas compression vapor recovery applications.”

The VRU Pro targets tank battery vapor recovery compressors. The VRU Pro controller keeps the compressor in a ready-to-start condition until tank pressure reaches a preset level. At that point, it starts the compressor to recover the vapor and draw pressure back down to the set point, when it then turns off the compressor.

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Vapor Recovery Compressor Control_Sept. GCM 2016