TAG To GE: You’re It

Map courtesy of Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH

GE Oil & Gas has signed an agreement with Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG), a natural gas pipeline operator with compressor stations across Austria, to install its new Tuning Maintenance Software (TUMAS) program across its fleet of 16 PGT25 gas turbines.

The TAG pipeline network consists of about 708 miles (1140 km) of 26 to 48 in. (66 to 122 cm) diameter pipe for the transport of natural gas at pressures up to 1015 psi (70 bar) from the Slovakian/Austrian border to the Austrian/Italian border. The TAG pipeline system consists of three lines, five compressor stations, auxiliary equipment, as well as two entry points and one exit point. The total installed power of the compressor stations is approximately 480 MW. More than 1.05 Tcf (30 x 106 m3) of natural gas is transported through the pipeline system of TAG GmbH every year.

The TAG pipeline system is used for supplying domestic customers in Austria as well as for the transit of natural gas to Italy. Gas is transported to Slovenia via the SOL Pipeline System (Süd – Ost – Leitung), which diverges at Weitendorf from the TAG Pipeline System.

TUMAS is a software program designed to improve gas turbine reliability and availability by increasing the elapsed time between mapping activities. According to GE, by improving the quality of mapping, the turbine can run longer at a set level and not require further adjustments.

This is the first time this solution has been rolled out across an entire fleet, GE said. The TUMAS system was first tested on one of TAG’s PGT25 gas turbines for a period of 24 months to ensure its performance and durability in the field.