Dominion Proposes More Compression

Map courtesy of Dominion

Dominion Cove Point LNG (DCP), a subsidiary of Dominion Resources Inc., has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to construct, install, own, operate, and maintain compressor facilities located in Charles County, Maryland, USA, and Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, Virginia, USA, as part of its proposed Eastern Market Access Project.

The project consists of one new compressor station, additional compression at an existing station, and re-wheeling of a compressor unit at an existing compressor station for an increase of 31,370 hp (23,402 kW) in Charles County, Maryland, and Loudon and Fairfax Counties, Virginia. The project would also construct two new delivery taps in Charles County, Maryland. The Project would cost approximately US$147.3 million and would enable 294,000 dekatherms per day of firm natural gas transportation service to Washington Gas Light Company and Mattawoman Energy LLC.

The project is designed to provide natural gas firm transportation services in the Mid-Atlantic region to meet the increasing natural gas demand facing local natural gas distribution providers and operators of power generation facilities using natural gas as their source for fuel.

DCP proposes the following:

Charles Station (Charles County, Maryland)

  • Construct a new compressor station with approximately 24,370 hp (18,180 kW), comprised of one 11,150 hp (8317 kW) Solar Taurus 70 compressor unit and one 13,220 hp (9862 kW) Solar Mars 90 compressor unit.
  • Install exhaust silencers/Selective Catalytic Reduction systems and oxidation catalysts on the two units.
  • Install gas coolers, suction filter/separators, blowdown separator/silencers for the two units and station piping.
  • Install one hot water boiler, natural gas auxiliary generator, station ancillary equipment, supporting station tanks, and yard piping.
  • Construct one compressor building, one auxiliary building, and one drum storage building.

Loudoun Station (Loudoun County, Virginia)

  • Install one 7000 hp (5222 kW) electric reciprocating compression unit in a new compressor building at the existing compressor station. In addition, the three existing compressors providing 11,840 hp (8832 kW) of natural gas compression currently located at the Loudoun Station will be repurposed from backup use to normal operation.
  • Install one discharge gas cooler and ancillary equipment and one blowdown separator/silencer for the new compression unit.
  • Install suction filters/separators.
  • Construct a power distribution center building, along with new switchgear and electrical infrastructure.
  • Replace the compression cylinders of the three existing reciprocating engines.
  • Replace the three existing gas coolers.
  • Increase main gas discharge pipe to 30-in. (76-cm) diameter.
  • Construct a new meter building to enclose existing equipment at the Loudoun metering and regulating station.

Pleasant Valley Compressor Station (Fairfax County, Virginia)

  • Re-wheel compressor on one existing 17,400 hp (12,980 kW) electric unit at the existing compressor station.
  • Upgrade two existing gas coolers.

WGL Interconnect (Charles County, Maryland)

  • Install two new delivery taps for customer delivery, one on TL-532 pipeline and one on TL-522 pipeline.

DCP proposes to commence construction of the Project facilities in November 2017 in order to meet an in-service date for the contracted firm transportation service on or before September 1, 2018.