Hotstart Introduces OCSE Engine Heater

Hotstart, an international engine heating technology company, has introduced a new explosion resistant-heater for the oil and gas industry. The OCSE is a compact oil and coolant heating system for use in North American hazardous locations. According to Hotstart, the unit is designed to maintain engine starting temperatures and oil viscosity for gas compression or offshore equipment applications.

“Engines used in hazardous locations have a different set of requirements for fluid heating,” said Rick Cargill, sales director – Oil and Gas. “Hotstart heaters are designed to keep critical fluids heated and circulating, keeping engines ready for use in the field. The OCSE’s compact design is ideal for smaller engine applications we have seen in the field in the oil and gas industry.”

The OCSE maintains a consistent and uniform temperature by circulating heated coolant throughout the engine block and heated oil throughout the sump, eliminating hot spots and condensation while ensuring oil viscosity is at optimal levels for engine protection, the company said. The unit is equipped with a heat exchanger for the oil heating and a single motor with dual pumps attached for fluid circulation. According to Hotstart, this design, along with the foot-mounted configuration, reduces the OCSE’s overall footprint and allows for installations into smaller engine areas. The OCSE features a remote automatic function and customer interface connections enabling it to be easily integrated into any control system, the company said.