Johnson Controls Introduces Two New Screw Compressor Designs

A 3-D cutaway of the SBTP Series 408-mm sleeve-bearing screw compressor.

Johnson Controls has introduced its new SBTP Series 408-mm (16.1-in.) sleeve-bearing screw compressor and the HPS Series 273-mm (10.7-in.) high-pressure screw compressor.

“The size of the sleeve-bearing compressor (408 mm) matches the anti-friction bearing 408-mm compressor that was an extension on the large end of our range several years ago. The high-pressure compressor is also an extension of an existing line, giving us almost four times larger capacities,” said Robert F. Fahey, GM, Global York Process Systems, a unit of Johnson Controls.

The two new designs – sleeve-bearing compressors and high-pressure compressors – rely on many of the features of the earlier screw compressor designs. “For example, both designs incorporate our variable volume ratio feature to match the compressor performance to the desired compression ratio,” said Fahey.

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