More Compression For Gateway Expansion Project

Map courtesy of Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company LLC (Transco), a Williams company, filed an application with FERC to expand its existing interstate gas transmission system in New Jersey, USA. The Gateway Expansion Project will enable Transco to provide an additional 65,000 dekatherms per day of firm transportation to customers in the northeastern United States.

The project will include the addition of 27,500 hp (20,515 kW) at Transco’s existing Compressor Station 303 (CS 303); modifications at the Paterson meter and regulating (M&R) station and at the Roseland M&R station in Essex County, New Jersey; and construction or modification of related appurtenant underground and aboveground facilities. No additional pipeline or pipeline looping is required.

The proposed upgrades at CS 303 involve the installation of one 27,500 hp electric-motor-driven compression unit and ancillary equipment that will be located in an expansion of the existing compressor building. This new unit will be connected to existing gas piping and electrical wiring. A new air receiver, coolers, and variable frequency drive building will be added near the expanded compressor building. Gas and lubricant cooling equipment will also be added to account for the additional compression unit. The new gas coolers will be located on Transco-owned property adjacent to the existing Roseland M&R station. The compression lubricant cooler will be placed adjacent to the expanded compressor building. An elevated motor control center building and transformer pad will be added near the gas coolers.

The project will increase the total certificated horsepower at CS 303 to 55,000 hp (41,030 kW).