More Compression For Camisea

Map courtesy of the Security and Exchange Commission

Siemens will supply an SGT-700 mechanical drive compression train for the Camisea gas-condensate plant located in Peru. The scope of supply includes an SGT-700 mechanical drive gas turbine, driving two STC-SV centrifugal compressors, including associated equipment such as gas coolers, scrubbers, instrumentation, valves, and spare parts. Equipment commissioning is scheduled for mid-2020. The order marks the second SGT-700 that the company has supplied to the project. Siemens provided identical equipment 2011.

The new compressor train will allow continued exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Camisea fields, also known as Block 88. The Camisea fields, composed of the San Martin and Cashiriari fields, contain about 13.4 Tcf (380×109 m3) of natural gas.