Green Light For Sweden Valley Project

Map courtesy of Dominion Energy Transmission

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued a favorable environmental assessment to Dominion Energy Transmission’s (Dominion) Sweden Valley Project, allowing the project to move forward in the regulatory process.

The project is designed to provide 120,000 dekatherms per day of firm transportation service from an existing point of interconnection located on Dominion’s Line TL-489 in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, USA, to a new point of interconnection between Dominion and Tennessee Gas Pipeline in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, USA.

Dominion filed an application with FERC in January 2018. The project will include construction of 1.7 miles (2.7 km) of 20-in. (508-mm) diameter pipeline lateral to the new Port Washington Metering and Regulation (M&R) delivery point in Tuscarawas County; 3.2 miles (5.1 km) of 24-in. (609-mm) diameter pipeline looping in Greene County, Pennsylvania; the re-wheel of compressors on three existing centrifugal compression sets at Dominion’s existing Newark Compressor Station in Licking County, Ohio, the installation of regulation equipment at Dominion’s existing South Bend Compressor Station in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, and Leidy M&R Station in Clinton County, Pennsylvania; and the construction of related appurtenant facilities.

Newark Compressor Station

The proposed work at Newark Compressor Station includes the re-wheeling of three existing compressor units at this existing station in Licking County. The scope consists of rewheeling the existing Cooper-Bessemer compressor units, which will allow them to operate more efficiently at a different range of suction and discharge pressures. New discharge piping will be installed between the compressors and the coolers so that the coating temperature limits are not exceeded. This scope is necessary due to the changing operating conditions of the gas being taken off TL-400 into the proposed TL-653 Ohio Lateral. The existing compressor drivers will remain unchanged; therefore, the re-wheeling will result in no change to each unit’s existing horsepower or emissions, and no additional horsepower is proposed to be added to the station.

Port Washington M&R

Installation of the new Port Washington M&R facilities in Tuscarawas County will document gas volume and quality as it is delivered to the contracted delivery point, connecting Dominion’s proposed pipeline lateral to the contract termination point, which will be a tap supplied by Tennessee Gas into its existing pipeline.

South Bend Regulation

A primary/monitor regulation set and associated valves and piping will be added between two existing Dominion pipelines inside of Dominion’s South Bend Compressor Station in Armstrong County. This will allow for increased control of the gas as it moves south from Leidy Compressor Station toward the delivery point

Leidy M&R

Leidy Compressor Station in Clinton County will be the receipt point for the contracted gas quantity coming onto Dominion’s system. The new Leidy M&R will measure gas flowing from an existing National Fuel pipeline, which currently terminates inside of the existing facility at Leidy Compressor Station. The gas will then be distributed into two existing Dominion pipelines also within the station boundary. From there, the gas will then be transported in those existing pipelines south to the Rural Valley Compressor Station in Armstrong County, where it connects with Dominion’s TL-400 pipeline.