Atlantic Sunrise Project Begins Full Service

Map courtesy of Williams.

Williams has placed its Atlantic Sunrise Project into full service.

Backed by long-term shipper commitments, the project increases the design capacity of the Transco pipeline, the largest-volume natural gas pipeline system in the United States, by 12% to 15.8 Bcfd (447 x 106 m3/d). In the process, the project further strengthens and extends the bi-directional flow of the Transco system, directly connecting Marcellus gas supplies with markets as far south as Alabama, USA.

“This project makes the largest-volume pipeline system in the country even larger, further executing on our strategy to connect premier natural gas supply areas with the best markets in the country,” said Alan Armstrong, Williams president and chief executive officer. “The project is significant for Pennsylvania and natural gas-consuming markets all along the East Coast, alleviating infrastructure bottlenecks and providing millions of consumers direct access to one of the most abundant, cost-effective natural gas supply sources in the country.”

Greenfield construction on the Pennsylvania, USA, portion of the project began in September 2017. The project featured the installation of 186 miles (299 km) of greenfield pipe, 12 miles (19 km) of pipe looping, 2.5 miles (4 km) of pipe replacement, two new compressor stations, and compressor station modifications in five states.