Florida Gas Seeks FERC Approval For Louisiana Project

Florida Gas Transmission Co. (FGT) has requested US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authorization to construct, modify, own, maintain, and operate certain natural gas mainline facilities and appurtenances at FGT’s existing Compressor Station 10 in Perry County, Mississippi, USA, in order to provide interstate gas delivery to Entergy Louisiana LLC in Washington Parish, Louisiana, USA. The requested gas infrastructure facilities are being designed primarily to meet the demand for additional natural gas transportation to be delivered on behalf of Entergy Louisiana LLC in FGT’s Western Division in the Louisiana Gulf Coast natural gas market. The project is referred to as the East Louisiana Project

FGT proposes to install new valves and piping at FGT’s existing Compressor Station 10 located on FGT’s mainlines in Perry County, Mississippi. This will allow for bi-directional gas flow through compressor unit 1006 from east to west through Compressor Station 10. The proposed modifications include the installation of:

  • One 24-in. (609-mm) valve on the existing 24-in discharge header on Unit 1006;
  • Approximately 1000 ft. (304 m) of 24-in. outer diameter pipe (discharge pipe) extending from the end of the existing 24-in. discharge header on Unit 1006 and tie in on the existing 24-in. mainline. The proposed 24-in. pipe has a wall thickness of 0.500-in. (12.7-mm), with a designed maximum allowable operating pressure of 975 psig (67 bar);
  • One 24-in. valve on the new 24-in. discharge pipe connecting to the existing 24-in. mainline. This valve will be part of the existing emergency shutdown system.

FGT plans to commence construction activities on or about October 1, 2019. Construction is anticipated to last approximately 60 days.