Electric-Drive Compression For Alaska LNG Plant

Kenai LNG Plant (Photo courtesy of Trans-Foreland)

Trans-Foreland Pipeline Company LLC has filed an application with the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requesting authorization to construct and install modifications to the existing Kenai LNG Plant located in Kenai, Alaska, USA. Trans-Foreland proposes to make facility modifications to bring parts of Kenai LNG Plant out of its current warm idle status and add a 1000 hp (746 kW) electric-drive boil-off gas (BOG) compressor unit.

The scope of work consist of the construction of five tie-ins to connect piping; the addition or replacement of 12 valves; and the removal of three of six existing liquified natural gas (LNG) transfer pumps and flappers in downstream check valves to facilitate the reversal of flow necessary to fill the Kenai LNG Plant storage tanks with imported LNG. The removed pumps will be replaced with one circulation pump, one LNG charge pump, and one empty suction can. Trans-Foreland will then add a new 1000-hp electric powered BOG booster compressor unit that will provide the BOG system with the capacity to deliver up to 7 MMSCFD (198 x 103 m3/d) of natural gas to the Kenai Refinery. The BOG booster compressor unit will deliver high pressure gas to the existing gas supply metering and regulating facilities.

In addition, a skid-mounted heater will facilitate operation of an existing BOG compressor unit. Once these components are in place, Trans-Foreland will be able to receive cargos of LNG by LNG carrier and load the LNG into the Kenai LNG Plant LNG storage tanks while retaining and using the BOG created by storing the LNG.