Solar Titans To Replace GE Frame 5s At Bernville Compressor Station

Map Courtesy of Enbridge

Texas Eastern Transmission LP (Texas Eastern) is seeking US Federal Energy Regulatory Committee (FERC) authorization to replace the two existing compressor units and related facilities at the Bernville Compressor Station (Bernville CS).

Located in North Heidelberg Township, Pennsylvania, USA, the Bernville Compressor Units Replacement Project will replace the two existing General Electric Frame 5 centrifugal gas turbines, with a total of 41,800 hp (31,182 kW) including one 22,000-hp (16,412-kW) unit installed in 1958 and one 19,800-hp (14,770-kW) unit installed in 1968. The units will be replaced with one new 26,000 hp (19,396 kW) Solar Titan 250 gas turbine and one 18,100 hp (13,502 kW) Solar Titan 130 gas turbine. Texas Eastern will install software controls on the Solar Titan 250 unit to limit it to 23,700 hp (17,680 kW) so the total designed horsepower and delivery capacity at the station will remain substantially the same. The two new turbines will be installed with Solar’s SoLoNOX dry low emissions technology for the control of NOX and equipped with oxidation catalysts for the control of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and organic hazardous air pollutants.

The purpose of the project is to replace antiquated compressor units in the station with more efficient gas turbine units to enable the continued operation of Bernville CS. The project will also ensure that this portion of the Texas Eastern system complies with future air emission reduction requirements by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the terms of the existing Title V Permit for the station, which requires that the existing compressor units be permanently shut down by January 1, 2024.