Cat/Ariel Packages For New Gulf South Compressor Station

Gulf South Pipeline Company (Gulf South) is seeking FERC authorization to construct, operate, and maintain an approximately 3.4 mile (5.47 km) 20-in. (508-mm) diameter natural gas delivery lateral, a new delivery meter station, and a new compressor station, as part of its Lamar County Expansion Project.

Located in Lamar and Forrest counties, Mississippi, USA, the Lamar County Expansion Project will allow Gulf South to provide up to 200,000 dekatherm per day of firm transportation service to Cooperative Energy Texas Inc.’s proposed 550 MW combined cycle gas turbine generation facility (Morrow Power Plant) to be located in Lamar County,  Mississippi. Gulf South also requests the refunctionalization of its Hattiesburg 20-in. pipeline from storage to transmission in order to provide supplemental transportation service.

The new Black Creek Compressor Station (Black Creek CS) located in Forrest County, Mississippi, will consist of two Caterpillar G3608 A4 /Arial JGK/6 compressor units capable of providing approximately 5000 hp (3730 kW).

The Black Creek CS is designed with two identical reciprocating compressor units to ensure reliable delivery to the new Lamar County Lateral. During normal operations, the Black Creek CS will operate with both compressors running at a reduced load, but both units are required to deliver the full contracted quantities to the Lamar County Lateral at the desired delivery pressure.

The new compressor units will be housed in a permanent building to reduce noise. A gas aftercooler will be installed on the discharge side of the compressor units to allow for gas cooling and operational flexibility. Gulf South will also install an emergency generator, fuel gas heaters, gas filtration equipment, condensate and wastewater tanks, engine lube oil storage tanks, coolant storage tanks, a meter and regulator skid, station flow/pressure control skid, jacket-water/auxiliary-water cooler, engine exhaust silencer designed with an integrated catalyst, air intake filter-silencer system, a power/control building, natural gas venting for use in maintenance blowdowns, controls to allow for remote start/stop/by-pass of the compressor units, air compressors, a new mainline valve, and a pig launcher to facilitate in-line inspections to ensure the integrity of the proposed 20-in. delivery lateral.

The purpose of Black Creek CS is to increase operating pressure and allow for bi-directional operation of Index 299 between the Baxterville Junction and the Petal Storage Complex, and to also increase reliability and operational flexibility in the central Mississippi area.