Northern To Add New Compression To Tescott Compressor Station

Map courtesy of Northern Natural Gas.

Northern Natural Gas Company (Northern) is seeking FERC approval to construct and operate compression facilities at its existing Tescott Compressor Station (Tescott CS) in Ottawa County, Kansas, USA, and abandon in-place its A-line and J-line located in Clay, Cloud, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Ottawa, and Rice counties in Kansas.

Northern is proposing to construct a new 11,152-hp (8316-kW) Solar Mars C45 turbine unit at its existing Tescott CS, with the purpose of increasing the station’s compression capacity. The additional unit is required to replace capacity that will be lost as a result of the abandonment of the pipelines. The new unit will tie into station piping connected to Northern’s existing mainlines.

The facility expansion will include the installation of compressor and control buildings, a suction scrubber, a unit lube oil cooler, fuel gas heater, unit inlet air filter and exhaust systems, a unit blowdown silencer, a station backup generator, a station air compressor and dryer system, a station emergency shutdown system, associated above and below-grade piping, valves, and instrumentation.

A new compressor building will house the Unit No. 6 turbine package and will contain noise-attenuating panels, insulation, and air intake/exhaust hoods. The control building will house the motor control center and station controls.

To accommodate tie ins, approximately 85 ft (26 m) of 24-in. (609-mm)-diameter station piping, 40 ft (12 m) of 36-in. (914-mm)-diameter station piping, and 80 ft (24 m) of 8-in. (203-mm)-diameter station piping will be removed. The Tescott compressor station currently consists of one 9100-hp (6785-kW) turbine unit.