Gas Compression For Power Generation

As ever-increasing demand for clean energy leads to widespread use of gas turbine power generation in industrial and commercial power plants, many such facilities now require centrifugal compression to boost fuel gas from the low pressure delivered in the pipeline to the higher pressures used by the turbine. Targeting applications associated with the power generation market, Sundyne has introduced a series of fit-for-purpose centrifugal gas compressors.

“The new series of Sundyne fit-for-purpose compressors was specifically designed with a more pragmatic approach to compressor packaging, including lube oil skids, controls, process cooling, and sealing systems,” said Jean-Baptiste Aladame, Compressor Product Line Manager at Sundyne. “We took our extensive and proven experience with high-specification process gas compressors and reduced the scope in a manner that provides the reliability and performance of a high-spec machine at a lower price point. This philosophy delivers the reliability of an API design machine at a greatly reduced investment and shorter lead time.”

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