The New 560hs

Neuman & Esser’s (NEA) heritage can be traced back more than 180 years. The company, headquartered in Germany, has developed a comprehensive piston compressor portfolio that covers a maximum discharge pressure of up to 14,500 psi (1000 bar), capacity up to 3.5 MMcf/h (100,000 m3/h) and a shaft power up to 40,214 hp (30,000 kW). Today, the company has North American headquarters in Katy, Texas, USA, and additional facilities around the globe.

Striving for an optimized solution, NEA has tapped into its experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of API 618 compressors and introduced a redesigned 560hs compressor for high-speed applications.

“With the continued exploration of shale gas in North America, we felt the need to improve our product line in order to better compete in this strong market”, said Andreas Hirschter, Head of Strategic Marketing at NEA. “After studying the larger engine drive applications and gaining more feedback from customers, the NEA decided to look at providing a new optimized frame for the midstream service.”

“The 560hs is not new nomenclature for Neuman & Esser. We are introducing a much more updated 560hs,” said Scott DeBaldo, President of Neuman & Esser USA Inc. “We will continue to support the legacy 560hs design. The new 560hs maintains our downstream API robust design, but is now more compact and package friendly.”


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