2019 Reader Survey

    Welcome to Gas Compression Magazine’s 2019 Reader Survey. Each year we present a short questionnaire designed to provide a snapshot of the global gas compression industry.

    This year’s Reader Survey reinforces the market uncertainty that was discussed in our annual forecast (see “Forecast For Compression,” September 2019 Gas Compression Magazine, p. 46), revealing a near-even split in how we think 2020 will compare to 2019 — Better Than 2019; Worse Than 2019; or the Same As 2019.

    North America continues to be a land of promise, with 61% choosing it as the geographic region with the most opportunity for growth within the gas compression market in the next five years.

    When it comes to hiring, the top talent pool is My Competitors, barely beating out Trade Schools/Technical Colleges. In other words, take care of your employees or someone else will.

    A few more observations: Reliability is the top priority in compression equipment; management gets in the way of performing condition-based maintenance on critical assets; and most of us pack sunscreen when we vacation.

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    This article appears in the December 2019 issue of Gas Compression Magazine. You can read the entire article right now by clicking the link above.


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